Auto Appraisal Network developed the systems and processes we use today out of the need to standardize the appraisal process and provide our customers a consistent high quality appraisal document. Whether were appraising a dead stock American classic car, a custom motorcycle or even a watercraft, we have developed a comprehensive Auto Appraisal Software application to simplify the appraisal process. Using your years of trivia car knowledge you can provide your clients the most professional appraisal document in the business and days faster than any competitor. The key is automation and a centralized process using an extensive database of car values and research resources.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an accurate vehicle appraisal value whether they own a basic classic car, or the most tricked out custom vehicle possible. Our appraisers use the latest software to appraise; restorable project cars, classic cars, street rods, hot-rods, show cars, show bikes, muscle cars, old cars, show trucks, SEMA tricked out cars, lowriders, race cars, show trucks, etc, right down to the latest barn find!